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My Headache Story

Headaches run in my family.

My mother, my grandmother and my maternal great aunts suffered from Migraine headaches.  As a child I saw my mother suffer quite a bit.  In spite of her efforts, she never found a solution to her constant challenge of frequent migraine headaches.  My mother suffered so severely that she often missed many family events- hibernating in bed, in the dark with pain pills and an ice pack.  The pain and accompanying nausea prevented her from participating in many family activities. 


As a young adult after the birth of my first daughter I started to experience Migraine headaches myself.  Determined not to allow these headaches to get the best of me, I immediately tackled the issue by seeking the help of various treatments.  I sought Chiropractic treatment which did give me relief but it was only temporary.  I went for physical therapy for my cervical spine (my neck pain/tension were always a big part of my headaches) which felt great but really provided no relief from my migraines.  I tried biofeedback and massage and again- it all felt great and gave temporary relief but I was still dealing with excruciating and debilitating migraines.  I had decided that I would keep pushing and not allow this challenge to get me down so with dark glasses on, nauseated and a painful migraine I pushed thought my frequent headaches.


Toughing it out was not going well and as mother of a toddler with a full time stressful job I felt desperate.  I went to a Neurologist and after a complete workup he ruled out anything serious and told me I was suffering from Migraine/Tension Headaches (not a surprise). I was desperate so I reluctantly agreed to take the medication he prescribed.  I took a daily pill to prevent the migraines and when they did not work (which was most of the time) I then took the prescription pain pills or a bunch of Excedrin Migraine. So… yes, the pain pills and Excedrin helped somewhat but always left me queasy, lethargic and feeling like my body just went through a war.  I was now in the same situation I had witnessed in my mom’s  suffering- NO good solution and still suffering.


I had a good friend who was seeing an Acupuncture Physician for another issue but she kept suggesting that I try it for my Migraines.  I did some reading and felt like it would be worth trying but the truth is, I was afraid of the needles!  After a five day headache, my friend dragged me to her Acupuncture appointment under the guise of just “meeting” her Acupuncture Physician.  I was feeling awful and the thought of dealing with the needles that I feared was a little overwhelming.  When she was called from the reception area by the Acupuncture Physician she announced to him that her friend (me) had a headache for five days and could he help? He instantly replied yes, of course!  I explained that I was just there to learn about the process and was not ready to try it.  After much coaxing I reluctantly agreed to have a treatment. The only problem was that the fear of needles was holding me back.  With my girlfriend sitting by my side the Acupuncture Physician asked if I would give him permission to just place four needles.  Sounds silly but this was difficult.  I tentatively agreed and four needles were placed and I rested for approximately 15 minutes.  When the treatment was over the practitioner explained to me that the treatment was just like taking a pain pill- the pain would come back. He explained that the reason I was getting the headaches was because my body was out of balance and if I was interested in dealing with the root of my problem I should come back for treatment and allow him to balance my body so the headaches would not return.


As I left the office I was not even sure if I had relief, I paid the receptionist and left.  As I made my way downstairs to my car I had a moment when all of a sudden I realized that my headache was gone. Headache of five days gone and NO nausea, NO lethargy, NO narcotic hangover- WOW!  It was a beautiful cool and sunny South Florida day in December.  I remember it clearly as I was euphoric.  I remember that day as that was the day that the quality of my life changed drastically. 


The next morning I called the Acupuncture Physician and set up my next appointment so that he could balance me and clear my Migraine Headaches once and for all.   I had treatment for a few months and yes- after that I was Migraine free!  Over time I continued to visit my Acupuncturist for other reasons; tight neck, gym injury etc and eventually realized that this amazing art of Chinese Medicine had change my life so significantly that I wanted to learn it and share it with others.


So here I am- almost 20 years later.  I went back to school, earned my degree, passed my board exam.  I am a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and have the opportunity daily to help and heal others with the same natural medicine that changed my life.

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*Results may vary from patient to patient.  Please note that there is no assurance of achieving a desired or specific result in treatment.